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Monday, April 25, 2011

Past 8 Years, My Baby Boy Grown Up.

Since past 8 years of 25th April, i've been called Acik. Supposed to be called Makcik but but but come'on nahhh.. Who wants to be called Mak Cik at age 11?

Nahh.. they call me Acik. ngeh ngeh ngeh. On 25th April 2003, my SIL delivered a baby boy, so before that, my father already do the preparation by me and him went to buy a book to name that baby.

Well, our family names start with letter H. Since we were following sunnah Muhammad Ya Rasulullah (pbuh),
We put the name Muhammad as the beginning. 
Yeah we already knew that our SIL gonna deliver a baby boy.

So abah and me been thru the H pages and found that Hafizuddin is the most suitable and cool name! I chose it and same as abah.

Right after she laboured, i couldn't remember whether we went there or not. But what i can still remember, we were out for family leisure and suddenly abah got a call that SIL going to deliver, so abah or mak i couldn't remember, sorry but one of them drive super fast! We were in Perak or Penang aite? *ohh sorry for the short term memory i suppose,HAHA*

And there.. I have already own a kid, but anak sedara la.. but... still he's my baby boy.

I still can remember.. I'm the type who hard to wake up in the early morning, even if u put 10 alarms, I couldn't give u gold to ensure i'm going to awake. But since, SIL and bro going to meeting in KL,
they left lil boy at home with me and mum babysat him. 
U know wutttttt????!!

I woke up early in the morning at 3 or 5 am juz right after i heard he started to cry, and without any force, i went to kitchen and make his milk. 

Seee! How lovely am i. haha, i can be a mother ya know!

And this one lil kid, he's too goyah for me to say NO to him, I'm so in love with him.
Apa abang nak, semua acik bagi kan.

But he always say that "Acik lagi garang dari Acu, Abang sayang Acu lagi"

But i don't mind ya'all.. He's still kid, tak pandai nak pikir panjang.
But when it comes to requesting something, nak beli apa- apa. He knows where's the best place to find. It's me! HAHA.

So Peeju, 

I wish u a Blast Happy Birthday, Muhammad Hafizuddin Bin Husni! 

Take care of yourself, jangan nakal - nakal sangat, but still i love ur naughty act! Banyak akal! Have a blast through out years and one thing : STOP CRYING! DAH BESAR DAH SYG OII..
You're 8 and study smart, i know u can, all u need to know is, even if i get married one day and have kids, u're still my baby boy!

Sorry I can't make it on ur b'day since I'm in Melaka. Okay, nanti acik balik, we celebrate with Wan, Nani, Acik, Acu, Uncle Shafiq, Mama, Abah, Kak long, Kak ngah and U darling. 

P/S : Oh pandai ehh buat wishlist from each one of us included Acik & Uncle Shafiq kena bagi hadiah.. Pandaiiiiiiii!
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