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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Want A Smartphone for Myself!

OMG! I am effin' need a SMARTPHONE!

Ya' know what? 
I love go on net surfing 24/7
I <3 social networking : you name it FACEBOOK, BLOGGING, TWEETING, dealing with EMAIL and many more!
With Smartphone i can do whatever I need anywhere~!

I don't need to bring along my laptop and it reduces my backpain, hehe.
I'm feel more secure as I bring smartphone and no one knows rather than laptop, people knows it!

Please please please... My cikai hp is dying, sometimes no network receive. Gila betul. U really messed up with me chokia nokia. DiGi is having iPhone4 promo!!! Anyone please sponsor me! Ho liao! haha

HUHU. Someone wanna give me iPhone 4? Oh my oh my! I wanna in WHITEEEEE! I feel rare enuffff! YEay! ( ^_________________^ )

Pappppp! *slapped on face* 
Weh been dreaming ke? Wish in heaven la. HEH! Sob Sob Tsk tsk.! T______T
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