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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Is It I Heard Cat's Voice, and Periuk Terpelanting from My Window?

Seriously this is weird and freaking me up! Luckily while I was typing this, songs on my blog keeps running wildly!

I have few things in my minds what matters now.

Why is it that cat's voice next to my room? Why is it I heard periuk terpelanting? This is soooo CREEPY!
Gile ke? Stayin' this late morning just to finish up my work but it turned vice versa.

Damn! I heard it again! 
And now a voice of woman! HELLO THIS ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL!

I'm finishing my work la! Stop it!

Can i have extra time more?
No u don't Nurul, u don't. It is just fucked up week which I was busy with english drama presentation, then business presentation which the lecturer said too boring and she even asked to conclude it, hey.. that's mean. I know our slides is just plain white with simple black fonts. We don't have any videos, cartoons pictures or any interesting material to that matters. It's just we like it runs plain. NVM, passed it already.

Now I am running out of time to complete my PLS assignment. Hello, why is it I keep typo-ing ? U don't know cuz I keep backspaced those words and my fingers running slower as my superb brain running uber fast and wild. LOL.

I gotta go people, have a sleep then continue my work back. Thanks!

P/S : Instead tons of assignments, now I figured it out that I'm more to art thingy and technology, that speed up my day actually. Seriously I'm not kidding at all, even I'm designing my own apparels line along with my scarves biz. Hurm, I wish I had lotsa customers days by days. InsyaAllah, Jazak'Allah Khayr to whoever read this. TRIMAS.

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